Chest Radiographs (Spanish)

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We’re going to take a chest radiograph ordered by your doctor. We’re going to take 2 images and we need you to follow the breathing instructions to get the best images.


What is your full name?


What is your date of birth?


Answer option for these questions: Yes or No


Is there any chance you could be pregnant?


Are you able to stand today for your x-ray?


Remove everything from the waist up including any necklaces and put the gown on with opening in the back.


Step up and place chest close to the board.


Now take a deep breath and hold it for a couple of seconds while we take the image. 


Take a deep breath and hold it.


You can breathe normal.


Put left side against the board with arms above your head.


We have completed the exam.


Please have a seat in the waiting room. You will talk to the doctor.