Nuclear Medicine (Spanish)

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What is your full name?


What is your date of birth?


Have you had any other Nuclear medicine tests?


Have you had prior CT or MRI scans?


Are you diabetic?


Do you take diabetic medications regularly?


Are you able to stand on your own for this study?


Is there any chance you could be pregnant?


Are you allergic to latex?


Are you weak or dizzy today?


Have you had any recent falls?


Have you had anything to eat or drink, except water, in the last 12 hours?


Have you had any caffeine including coffee, tea, chocolate, soda or decaf products in the past 6 hours?




You’re here because your doctor ordered a test to look at your gallbladder.


We will first the first set of images over 1 hour. We may take more images after that depending on the results.


I will start off by asking you a few questions. Please answer yes or no.


Have you had anything to eat in the last 4 hours?


Have you had anything to eat in the last 24 hours?


Have you taken any pain medications in the past 6 hours?


Can you lay flat on your back?


Do you have to use the bathroom before we get started?


Do you have an IV or port? If so, can you show me where?


We will now position you on the camera.


Do you need a pillow to make you more comfortable? Please show me where to place the pillow.


We will now inject the radioactive isotope to see your gallbladder.


The isotope does not make you feel different. It has no side effects.


We will start the imaging for 1 hour now. Please stay as still as you can for the best images.


Nuclear Cardiology


We will perform a nuclear stress test exam today to look for blockage in your heart blood vessels.


This exam will take two and a half to three hours


Do you have any chest pain right now?


Have you had seizures in the past? Are you taking medications for seizures?


Are you able to walk by yourself on the treadmill?


Please stand here so we can measure your height and weight. We will now obtain your blood pressure and heart rate


We will now place electrodes on your chest to measure the ECG.


I will place an IV to administer our injections. Can I place the IV here?


You will receive the first dose of Cardiolite, which has a radioactive isotope that will be taken up by your heart muscle.



There are no side effects of this isotope.


Please sit here for 30 minutes before getting the image.


Please lie down on the camera with arms over your head.


Please hold still while we take the images. This will take about 10 minutes


We will now take another ECG and blood pressure


I will now make sure your IV is working.


Are you having difficulty breathing or have chest pain?


Please sit here. We will take the next set of pictures in 30 minutes


We will take images in 3 hours time.


You are free to leave and eat/drink. Please come back here in 3 hours time.


Please lie down on your back with arms over your head.


It will take about 10 minutes for take the images. Please stay still.


The study is complete. You can leave now. Thank you.


Can I place an IV here?


Are you obtaining a CT or MRI after this scan  today?


We are injecting the radioisotope now. This will let us take the pictures. There are no side effects from this injection.


We need to wait 3 hours before we take the pictures.


You will need to lie flat on a table for an hour to take the pictures. Can you lie flat for an hour?


Please lie flat on the table and hold still for the images. This images will take 30 minutes.


We are now going to take images of your head and chest. This will take 20 minutes


The radioisotope will leave your body through urine. Please stay hydrated over the next 2-3 days.


Have you eaten since dinner yesterday?


Are you allergic to white toast?, Are you allergic to strawberry jam?, Are you allergic to eggs?


Have you had a barium swallow study in the past 2 days?


This is a radioactive sandwich made of eggs, strawberry jam and toast. There are no side effects of the radiation.


Please eat this sandwich in 10 minutes.


Please do not eat, drink or chew gum and mints while waiting for the next set of pictures


Please stand still between the detectors while we take images. It will take about 1 minute.


Please wait in the waiting area for the next set of i

mages. We will obtain them in 1/2 hours time.


Please do not walk around while waiting.


If you feel sick at any time, please speak to the staff at the front desk.


Did you have a chest X Ray today?


Please sit on this stool.


We will now take pictures of your lungs at different angles. Please stay still.


We will now inject 4 times around the site. They will feel like a bee sting.


Please lie still on the table


We will now take pictures of your head and neck. Please stay still. You may close your eyes


Have you had kidney surgery before?


We will now give you the radioactive tracer. In 20 minutes, we will give you the additional medication for the study. Please let me know if you need to go to the bathroom at any time.


Please lie still on the table


Have you exercised in the past 24 hours?


Please put your belongings down here


Please step on this scale so we can get your height and weight


Are you diabetic yes or no?


Please lie on this table. Please stay still during the scan.


Drink this oral contrast drink slowly over the next hour.


We need you to remove any metal you have on. Can you change into our hospital clothes?


We need you to use the bathroom before we take your pictures


Are you able to walk on your own?


Are you able to stand on your own?


Please put your arms straight above your head


Please remove anything from your pockets


We are going to have you pull your pants down to your knees so no metal is in the pictures. Wait until we place a warm blanket on you.


We need you to stay still for your pictures


We are getting a translator. Please stay still


We are first going to test your IV with saline. No stinging or burning?


The CT contrast is going to make you feel warm, and it might make you feel a sensation that you have to use the bathroom


The contrast is going in now. In a couple of moments you are going to get warm


Listen for the breathing instructions


I’m going to take the IV out. Leave this bandage on for a couple of hours.


Drink plenty of fluids over the next couple of days. The radioactive sugar and CT contrast leave your body through urine.